Quantum Wellness Energy


Before making a booking

  • This is a private house on the country side 50km north of Stockholm, see "Contact" for
    address and directions
    It's a temporary solution until I find a better location
  • No drop-ins, appointment only
  • It's not possible to travel all the way here with public transport
  • There is good public transport 15km away from here (Brottby Trafikplats)
  • If you are arriving by air, easiest is to rent a car at the airport
  • We do offer shuttle service to public transportation or the airport for an extra fee, only after agreement
  • There are two senior dogs in the home, they are super friendly but good to know
    if you are afraid of dogs, let me know when you book 
    There is free parking outside but please don't spread out, keep it tight so 4 cars can fit

Cancellation/no show policy

For Overnight Package

Cancellation 72h or more before booked appointment - No fee
Cancellation within 72h of booked appointment - 50%

For daytime sessions

Cancellation 24h or more before booked appointment - No fee
Cancellation within 24h of booked appointment - 50%
Same applies if you don't show up for your session.

When at the center

  • Keep your voice low outside the EES room to not disturb other people in healing
  • When inside the EES room, refrain from talking and focus on relaxing
  • The room is shared, and up to 4 people can receive treatment at the same time
    private sessions are available*

  • You can enjoy your session in one of our zero gravity chairs or comfortable yoga mats
    Beds are available for overnight visits

  • To help you relax there are sleeping masks and ear plugs for your convenience.
    You can bring your own headphones if you wish to listen to your own music

Pricing and packages


Standard rate

2 hour session 1200 SEK ~ 120 EUR 

3 hour session 1700 SEK ~ 170 EUR

4 hour session 2200 SEK ~ 220 EUR

5 hour session 2700 SEK ~ 270 EUR

6 hour session 3200 SEK ~ 320 EUR

8 hour session 4300 SEK ~ 430 EUR

UNIFYD paying members will receive 10% off 
* proof required at check out 

2 hour session 1080 SEK ~ 108 EUR

3 hour session 1530 SEK ~ 153 EUR

4 hour session 1980 SEK ~ 198 EUR

5 hour session 2430 SEK ~ 243 EUR

6 hour session 2880 SEK ~ 288 EUR

8 hour session 3870 SEK ~ 387 EUR

Seniors and disabled, get 15% off the standard rate *

Children up to 16 years old get 50% off  the standard rate *

Book a regular session and when you come here and *show proof at check out* price will be adjusted

Daytime Privacy Package

3500 SEK ~ 350 EUR for 2 hours

5000 SEK ~ 500 EUR for 3 hours
6400 SEK ~ 640 EUR for 4 hours

You get the whole room for yourself

Good for when you want to be alone or a group of people (up to 4)

The Overnight Package  - 4400 SEK ~ 440 EUR

Here you get to experience the EES by yourself between 22-07

Comfortable 90cm wide bed(linen is included)
If you wish to sleep two in the room an extra bed is available +1000 SEK ~ 100 EUR

A light breakfast will be served in the morning

Check-in earliest 21.00 and check-out latest 08.00

Custom tailored services available upon request


Sea Salt - 500gr high quality unrefined, no additives - 40 SEK ~ 4 EUR

High quality unrefined & no additives Enough for 1 bath or 2 foot baths

Recommended to take a bath or foot bath with sea salt within 24h of an EES session for detoxing. Important to drink plenty of pure water 

We offer shuttle service but we recommend getting a rental car if you are flying in

Shuttle service to/from nearest public transport(Brottby Trafikplats) - 250 SEK ~ 25 EUR

Includes pickup and drop off. Bus will take you to Stockholm in 35min

* Choose this as add on service when booking and we will contact you to arrange and confirm

Shuttle service to/from the airport (Arlanda ARN) - 1500 SEK ~ 150 EUR
Includes pick-up and drop-off

Only pick-up OR drop-off - 750 SEK ~ 75 EUR

* Choose this as add on service when booking and we will contact you to arrange and confirm

For your info
Regular taxi costs 1400 SEK ~ 140 EUR, one way